Street Scene CGI

Experience the limitless possibilities of CGI street scene visuals. With precise control over every detail, our CGI technology allows us to create realistic and immersive environments, transporting audiences to any time period or setting effortlessly. 

Say goodbye to logistical challenges and high costs associated with shooting on location. Our CGI street scenes save time and money while delivering visually stunning results.
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CGI without textures
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CGI with textures
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To access larger CGI visuals, just click on the various street images below.

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“…as our sole creator of CGIs and regular supplier of packaging designs, advertising and literature, The Drawing Room is a vital asset to our marketing team.”
Lynne - Marketing Co-ordinator
Jon - Blood
“It is comforting to know that we are working with a team who understand the client…”
Jon - Graphic Design Agency
“TDR’s tireless attention to detail along with their inspirational, clear and simple images… places them amongst our key consultants.”
Graeme - Property developer
Wonderful Homes
“Really professional and always ready to help and make suggestions. Nothing is ever impossible with the team and glad that I can turn to them with any projects and go out of their way to meet tight deadlines. Very happy with the entire team and a company that is reliable.”
Lorraine - Customer Relations & Interior Design
St Philips
“I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend The Drawing Room. The portfolio of CGI’s they prepared for our development of seven townhouses in Harborne, ‘Harborne Place’ is the best CGI I’ve seen. ”
Fiona - Director

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